Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Anzac day

Image result for poppysWhat does Anzac mean to you?
Anzac mean to me...It means for me to show respect and all my love to all the ones who fought for our country even if we don't know them we still show love and respect. We also show our respect by wearing Poppy's, Poppy's are red plastic flowers people wear and memories they had with the ones who lost someone in war. and it shows all the red that was on the battle field that has been shattered from peoples body. Anzac also means people who have died in world wars...

Why is it important to commemorate Anzac day?
ANZAC' stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It good to show your respect to people you may not know but still have loved ones who did fight for our countries and help protect you from other countries who tried to attack our country.These became known as Anzac and the pride they took in that name continues to this day.

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