Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tokelau in 20 years time

What do u think tokelau look like in 20 years time?

Well because Tokelau is in danger because of the sea water levels and the island its getting smaller and smaller. Tokelau will probably be under water or maybe it might still be there as an island? We dont know yet. Tokelau probably have no more land and most people will probably migrate from Tokelau island. We dont know that yet but i hope tokelau will still be standing and hopefully Tokelau will have more people there.

I think there will be faster transportation and More people migrating from New Zealand to tokelau or Australia to Tokelau. I reckon Tokelau will have fruit tree's like coconut trees or veges gardens.
im sure tokelau will have enough water to last for years to come, and the tokelauans dont have to dig wells just to get water, i hope tokelau people get enough money n space for them to live on and survive.
Desalination plants
desalination means taking salt out of the sea water or plants, so firstly this is how u desalinate salty water into fresh water for you to drink......

  • Pour 1 inch of drinking water into the mug. ...
  • Put the salt water into the large glass bowl. ...
  • Cover the glass bowl with plastic cling wrap. ...
  • Place the bowl in direct sunlight. ...
  • Leave the bowl in the sun for three to four hours. ...
  • Check the cup for fresh water.
  • What are some changes you think will happen in Tokelau?

    Fast Trasportation
    more people Migrating from new Zealand,Samoa or Fiji to Tokelau
    Missing Land
    Internet cafe's everywhere
    More food for people to eat
    Fishing equipment
    More Money
    vegetable gardens

    Monday, 28 May 2018

    gpa performance prep

    I am presenting a group with some of my pears in the class we are dancing to a mix of songs however we have learnt some of it and almost ready to perform, I think we have used time management wisely.

    Tuesday, 22 May 2018


    So i have just got back from the city, I've finished all my studying over there in the city.
    Now i am on my way back to my home land Tokelau. I cant wait to visit my family, its been a very long time since i have last seen them. I hope they're doing alright,Hope the're good,Hope there aint any trouble over there. While im on the boat i feel hard waves crashing hard into us and the boat rocking madly. While im sitting in the boat its hard for me to sit in one place. Leaving the city and coming out here to visit my family is so exciting for me, i cant wait to see them and everyone else. I finally got here and i have got to see my parents and siblings and i could tell they were struggling but the neighbour hood people look out for them so im very happy for them and thankful to have loving people on tokelau looking out for each other. i went down to the school to visit the kids and i went to see some neighbours from around there. I had a lot of fun seeing everyone and playing some games with the kids, I hope when i get a job and get enough money for myself i can share it with the people on this island, because they definitely deserve it. i love our island so much,it may not be perfect and it may not have a lot of people on the island but the people on this island are the reason why this island is still up and running. so im very happy about that, This Island has the most kindest people on here, The people on this island care and have a lot of love for one another, and if there are any family' out there who need help the neighbours and other family would helped the family's who are in need and offer them some help.

    Friday, 11 May 2018

    Some challenges Tokelauns are facing

    Some challenges people on tokelau island are facing are....

    • Getting some food
    • Having enough money
    • Taking care of their childen
    • providing Clothes
    • and their education for their children
    • Survival
    They go fishing to get some fish to eat for dinner or lunch i dont know.
    They will go overseas to visit other towns or cities like
    • New zealand
    • Maybe America 
    • Or even island like (Tonga,Samoa,Hawaii or Niue)
    Some of the people on Tokelau island are facing are....
    Getting enough food,Losing land n more is on the way. Tokelau people visit other cities and Islands to get food for their people. Another problem Tokelau people are facing is their Island.
    Their Island is losing land from the water, The water and Tide is coming in with a lot of water and the water is making it through to the island of Tokelau. Tokelau people have made stonewalls to stop the tide and water from coming in.
    One more problem Tokelau people are facing is their survival, Living on an island that is only like 5 to 6 fields is the whole island. They don't have enough clothing or enough space on their island to live and have space to play around on. Tokelau is an wonderful place to be but very hard to look after the environment. people should visit Tokelau and Sponsor them and help them out.

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    Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Anzac day

    Image result for poppysWhat does Anzac mean to you?
    Anzac mean to me...It means for me to show respect and all my love to all the ones who fought for our country even if we don't know them we still show love and respect. We also show our respect by wearing Poppy's, Poppy's are red plastic flowers people wear and memories they had with the ones who lost someone in war. and it shows all the red that was on the battle field that has been shattered from peoples body. Anzac also means people who have died in world wars...

    Why is it important to commemorate Anzac day?
    ANZAC' stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It good to show your respect to people you may not know but still have loved ones who did fight for our countries and help protect you from other countries who tried to attack our country.These became known as Anzac and the pride they took in that name continues to this day.

    Thursday, 12 April 2018

    Camp Blog

    My highlights on camp.
    Spending time with my friends and having fun with them
    Doing activities I've never done before eg: Rafting,Confidence course ( getting all muddy)
    Getting muddy with people i don't usually hang out with.
    Making new friends and Getting to know them. Trying some activities with them and u probably get a long time friendship with them
    Playing some sports Knowing how to play some different sports with different people
    Going on the mud slide and sliding down it is real fun, and getting pushed and landing into the water below the slide.
    Sleeping in the same room as my friends
    was so relaxing and kind of scary because Bianca was trying to scare me with a haunted story.
    performing with my friends (not myself)
    Was pretty fun because we won the performing thing
    Singing with my friends and playing the guitar was actually really cool, it was my probably my second time singing in front of people because i'm not that really not that confident.

    My challenges at camp/How did u solve them
    1.making a raft
    Trying our best to build it
    2.Getting along with each other\
    3.Trying new activities
    Having fun
    4.Making new friends
    Getting to know people
    5.Getting thru the confidence course
    6.Singing in front of people
    7.trying to play the guitar
    Trying my best at something I've never 
    8.Swinging on the rope to get to the other side
    Help from others
    Supporting me
    10.Team work
    Helping Each other out with things hard.

    French Toast

    1. Yr 9 food tech(French toast)
    2. ,Step one)1-whisk 5 eggs with half a cup of milk
    3.  sock the bread in egg (use tong or your finger)
    4. And fry until it is golden brown,
    5. serve on the plate,
    6. Take a photo blog