Friday, 11 May 2018

Some challenges Tokelauns are facing

Some challenges people on tokelau island are facing are....

  • Getting some food
  • Having enough money
  • Taking care of their childen
  • providing Clothes
  • and their education for their children
  • Survival
They go fishing to get some fish to eat for dinner or lunch i dont know.
They will go overseas to visit other towns or cities like
  • New zealand
  • Maybe America 
  • Or even island like (Tonga,Samoa,Hawaii or Niue)
Some of the people on Tokelau island are facing are....
Getting enough food,Losing land n more is on the way. Tokelau people visit other cities and Islands to get food for their people. Another problem Tokelau people are facing is their Island.
Their Island is losing land from the water, The water and Tide is coming in with a lot of water and the water is making it through to the island of Tokelau. Tokelau people have made stonewalls to stop the tide and water from coming in.
One more problem Tokelau people are facing is their survival, Living on an island that is only like 5 to 6 fields is the whole island. They don't have enough clothing or enough space on their island to live and have space to play around on. Tokelau is an wonderful place to be but very hard to look after the environment. people should visit Tokelau and Sponsor them and help them out.

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