Wednesday, 15 August 2018

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  • What is digital footprint?
A digital footprint is something you do online like
Basically commenting and Liking status and Post
the information about someone as a result of their online activity.
 E.g: When somebody comments something like 'How old are you' or 'You look pretty' When you comment on another status of someone else that's leaving a footprint of yours but an online way.

  • What is a positive digital footprint?
A positive digital footprint is when u comment a nice opinion or saying to show how
Amazing and Wonderful the post means to them. So basically its all about commenting nice words on their statues. E.g: Say u commented on a status saying 'Your cute' or 'You have nice eyes' something like that.

  • Would you show you social media profile to you friends,family or teachers? Why not?

Well to be honest i wouldn’t mind showing them because i have nothing to hide really.
If i did i wouldn’t show anyone but myself. Im always socially active on Facebook and Instagram.
Sometimes i hate it when someones on my account without me knowing because they could start trouble with people i talk too or post random stuff.

it is important to be aware that:
  • Some people might not be who you think they are!
  • What you put online can be available for other people to see
  • Watch what you do and say on social media because somethings can be alegal
  • Spam or junk mails can cause viruses to your computer
A few ways to stay safe online:
  • never give someone you hardly know personal information about yourself while you on the internet
  • never agree to do meetups with someone u just meet online
  • never reply to a spam or junk email you receive
  • dont accept any friend request to reply to emails  or messages from people you dont already know
  • dont post or send offensive messages, emails or pictures
  • when downloading files make sure they are from a trusted source and only do so with permission.
  • Dont share your username or password with anyone (keep all your online accounts to yourself)
  •  Stay away from inappropriate websites 

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