Thursday, 12 April 2018

Camp Blog

My highlights on camp.
Spending time with my friends and having fun with them
Doing activities I've never done before eg: Rafting,Confidence course ( getting all muddy)
Getting muddy with people i don't usually hang out with.
Making new friends and Getting to know them. Trying some activities with them and u probably get a long time friendship with them
Playing some sports Knowing how to play some different sports with different people
Going on the mud slide and sliding down it is real fun, and getting pushed and landing into the water below the slide.
Sleeping in the same room as my friends
was so relaxing and kind of scary because Bianca was trying to scare me with a haunted story.
performing with my friends (not myself)
Was pretty fun because we won the performing thing
Singing with my friends and playing the guitar was actually really cool, it was my probably my second time singing in front of people because i'm not that really not that confident.

My challenges at camp/How did u solve them
1.making a raft
Trying our best to build it
2.Getting along with each other\
3.Trying new activities
Having fun
4.Making new friends
Getting to know people
5.Getting thru the confidence course
6.Singing in front of people
7.trying to play the guitar
Trying my best at something I've never 
8.Swinging on the rope to get to the other side
Help from others
Supporting me
10.Team work
Helping Each other out with things hard.

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