Tuesday, 22 May 2018


So i have just got back from the city, I've finished all my studying over there in the city.
Now i am on my way back to my home land Tokelau. I cant wait to visit my family, its been a very long time since i have last seen them. I hope they're doing alright,Hope the're good,Hope there aint any trouble over there. While im on the boat i feel hard waves crashing hard into us and the boat rocking madly. While im sitting in the boat its hard for me to sit in one place. Leaving the city and coming out here to visit my family is so exciting for me, i cant wait to see them and everyone else. I finally got here and i have got to see my parents and siblings and i could tell they were struggling but the neighbour hood people look out for them so im very happy for them and thankful to have loving people on tokelau looking out for each other. i went down to the school to visit the kids and i went to see some neighbours from around there. I had a lot of fun seeing everyone and playing some games with the kids, I hope when i get a job and get enough money for myself i can share it with the people on this island, because they definitely deserve it. i love our island so much,it may not be perfect and it may not have a lot of people on the island but the people on this island are the reason why this island is still up and running. so im very happy about that, This Island has the most kindest people on here, The people on this island care and have a lot of love for one another, and if there are any family' out there who need help the neighbours and other family would helped the family's who are in need and offer them some help.

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