Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tokelau in 20 years time

What do u think tokelau look like in 20 years time?

Well because Tokelau is in danger because of the sea water levels and the island its getting smaller and smaller. Tokelau will probably be under water or maybe it might still be there as an island? We dont know yet. Tokelau probably have no more land and most people will probably migrate from Tokelau island. We dont know that yet but i hope tokelau will still be standing and hopefully Tokelau will have more people there.

I think there will be faster transportation and More people migrating from New Zealand to tokelau or Australia to Tokelau. I reckon Tokelau will have fruit tree's like coconut trees or veges gardens.
im sure tokelau will have enough water to last for years to come, and the tokelauans dont have to dig wells just to get water, i hope tokelau people get enough money n space for them to live on and survive.
Desalination plants
desalination means taking salt out of the sea water or plants, so firstly this is how u desalinate salty water into fresh water for you to drink......

  • Pour 1 inch of drinking water into the mug. ...
  • Put the salt water into the large glass bowl. ...
  • Cover the glass bowl with plastic cling wrap. ...
  • Place the bowl in direct sunlight. ...
  • Leave the bowl in the sun for three to four hours. ...
  • Check the cup for fresh water.
  • What are some changes you think will happen in Tokelau?

    Fast Trasportation
    more people Migrating from new Zealand,Samoa or Fiji to Tokelau
    Missing Land
    Internet cafe's everywhere
    More food for people to eat
    Fishing equipment
    More Money
    vegetable gardens

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